THIS PAGE CONTAINS download links to some of Kerry's writings including, short stories, articles and books. Click on titles to download.

http://www.wistfulvistaart.com/p/thorn-creek-bridge.htmlWhen Christmas Came to Thorn Creek Bridge
     This short story, inspired by a dream, was written for my wife many years ago. Subsequently, the story was produced into a radio-style drama and aired on the Focus on the Family radio program in 2013 and 2016. If you would like to listen to the original version of this Christmas radio drama "When Christmas Came to Thorn Creek Bridge" (not the Focus On the Family mix), you may click HERE (or right click to download and save the file). This original version features a different musical soundtrack than used by Focus. If you would like to view/purchase art created for this story click HERE.

A Log Cabin Christmas
     A Christmas story in verse by Kerry Kistler. This poem was written as a Christmas gift for my wife when we were still dating over 35 years ago. I remember finishing the calligraphy and binding the booklet just before the long train ride from Indiana to upstate New York for a Christmas visit with my soon-to-be-bride. I've been thinking about creating a painting for this homespun tale. What do you think? Also, thanks to Eric Sloane for the cover art inspiration.

The Lighthouse of Whetstone Island
     A Christmas story by Kerry Kistler. This was another Christmas gift to my wife, given to her during the years when she was homeschooling our four children. It's message was designed to encourage her in the massive undertaking that is homeschooling. This is the introduction:
     "Every Christmas season since my great grandmother died I have been quietly observing a personal Christmas tradition. I relate it here, not to strip it of its quiet quality but because it is, as you will see, the gateway to a richer tale. A tale that needs, finally, to be told. With this as preamble, here is the account of how, one Christmas, I received more than I gave. Much more. I was given a story. . .and a treasure."
Chalk Art: Catching a Vision 
   A beginner's guide to using performance chalk art in ministry.
Chalk Art and Showmanshop
   How to add some stagecraft to your chalk art presentations.
Creating Hidden Pictures
   How to simplify creating hidden pictures using special fluorescent chalk and black light.

Chalk Illustrated
This magazine contains many articles written by Kerry Kistler, who was also the editor and publisher. PDF versions of the magazine may be freely read HERE.

Holiness Theology: Searching for a Core Concept
This article was written in 2009 for the Officer magazine, a bi-monthly magazine for officers of the Salvation Army. I include it here because I could not resist using an art history theme as a major metaphor to help express my position. There might be something here about the great Michelangelo and his epic achievement on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel you did not know.

Magic Beans (link to be posted soon)
A collection of articles spanning three years, written for Kerry's "Magic Beans" column in the The Christian Conjurer magazine (former title of The Voice, the official magazine of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians).